Pinball Self Help Videos

Pinball Expert photo 1 cleaned up

Our Pinball Expert shows feature self help information, technical tips and reviews.

SHOW 1: How to open a Pinball Machine and remove the glass.
This show demonstrates the procedure to open and remove the playfield glass from a variety of new and used Pinball machine brands.


SHOW 2: Names of common Pinball Machine components.
This show identifies the correct names of various Pinball parts & components.


SHOW 3: How you assemble a new Pinball Machine.
This show demonstrates our simple step by step procedure to unpack, assemble and set up a new Stern Pinball Machine with an LCD Score Display.


SHOW 4: What to inspect before you buy a used Pinball Machine.
This show specifies basic things you must check BEFORE buying a used – second hand Pinball machine.


SHOW 5: LEDS or LIGHTS BULBS in your Pinball Machine.
This show reviews the facts about replacing Pinball machine light bulbs with new modern LED lights.


SHOW 6: Should you buy a NEW Stern Pinball Machine.
This show examines the quality & value for money of new Stern Pinball machines. Plus a review of Sterns Spike electronic system & numerous other changes.


SHOW 7: Top 12 FAQs (frequently asked questions) from first time Pinball buyers.
This FAQ show answers 12 of the most Frequently Asked Questions from people who want to buy their first Pinball machine.


SHOW 8: How you prepare a Pinball machine for successful location use.
This show outlines how to set up & operate a Pinball Machine on location profitably & successfully.


SHOW 9: Markseal Pinball Machine Back Glass art Sealant and Preserver.
This shows demonstrates the benefits of applying Markseal to protect your Pinball Machine backglass art & how to apply it.


SHOW 10: WARNING with Reasons NOT to buy a NEW Stern Pinball Machine.
This is a follow up review about buying a New Stern Pinball Machine including Prices Quality Cost Reliability of Stern Pinball Machines. shows demonstrates the benefits of applying Markseal to protect your Pinball Machine backglass art & how to apply it.

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Playwell Video Table Feedback

Hi there Mark, just some feedback about the games purchased for our shop. It hasn’t missed a beat and has been going great at a dollar coin for 2 credits, it paid for itself in just under 3 months, I couldn’t be happier and would recommend it to anyone. All the best, Rod. Maitland NSW. […]

Rod from Maitland NSW

We received our console from Playwell Games and my family and myself have not been off the unit since delivery. The games are so clear and accurate and play exactly as per the old days. The service from Playwell Games was exceptional and I would have no reservations in recommending this company to future clients. […]

Phillip R in Avoca, NSW.

Hi Mark, thankyou so much for the lovely table, it’s wonderful playing all those games i grew up with. thanks again, Sandy. (Culburra Beach, NSW)

Sandy in Culburra Beach

Great table and games, love those authentic stools as well, the games are just like i remember them. It’s so much fun… Petra

It’s so much fun… Petra

I wish to congratulate your company for producing a top quality table, it’s refreshing to receive an item that actually exceeded my expectations. Well done, your table is excellent value and entertainment. Many thanks, Allan P (Armidale, NSW)

Allan P (Armidale, NSW)

I bought a new Playwell table Christmas 09. I’d like to buy another one for my Salon, do you have one available? Cheers, Don. (Gold Coast)

Don. (Gold Coast)

Really well made table with genuine games. Nice to see it’s actually Australian made and at a good price. Keep up the good work guys, Doug

Thanks – Doug

I just love my new table can’t stop playing Frogger, it’s such a cute game, it was my favourite at Uni and still is. Carly. (Brisbane)

Carly (Brisbane)

Hi again Mark, I’m very happy with my new Multigame table. It’s everything you said it was and those games are fantastic. Thanks, David.

Thanks, David.

Hi Mark, The table arrived Tuesday and was an instant hit, the whole office loves it. Were having competition after work Friday. Thankyou so much for suggesting it. Some colleagues including my boss will be in touch, they all want one for home. Cheers, Deborah. (Melbourne)

Deborah. (Melbourne)

Hi Guys, Thanks for the table it’s really great. The kids have been playing it alot even though they have Wii, PS3 & Xbox. It just shows how good those games are! Glenn. (Atarmon, NSW)

Glenn. (Atarmon, NSW)

Hello Mark, I was pleased to discover your table is a quality unit built to old school standards. I’ll be recommending it to my friends, Gerry D. (Cairns, QLD)

Gerry D. (Cairns, QLD)

Hey Mark, I am stoked with the table, you were 100% spot on about the games being the same. thanks mate, Dennis (Braybrook, Melbourne)

Dennis (Braybrook, Melbourne)

I was a little hesitant buying sight unseen off the net but I’m glad I did. Your games are all genuine not fakes. Thanking you, Paul U. (Belconnen, Act)

Paul U. (Belconnen, Act)

Just wanted to say I’m very happy with our table it’s brilliant, even my wife is getting hooked on it. Cheers, Brian.(Brisbane)

Brian (Brisbane)